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Homemade TV Dinners for the Freezer

My secret to a well-stocked freezer is TV dinners. I know what you’re thinking, but these are not store bought. I use three compartment meal trays that cost next to nothing, and when I cook in bulk, I make sure that I have meals pre-planned. I cook during the weekend and on my days off. I always cook something in the kitchen with my kids. They hate leftovers, but once they put the leftovers in the aluminum foil trays, label it, date it, and put the appropriate cooking temperature on it, they feel like they have done something important and they have. Now, when I’m at work and they come home from school, they can pick what they want, toss […]

Extra Spin or Two Reduces Drying Time for Clothes

A tip for decreasing the drying time of clothes is to spin the load an extra time or two. This is especially helpful with heavy loads such as towels or jeans. I have to be a bit careful when resetting my washer to spin to make sure the spin cycle doesn’t spray water on the clothes as the final step of the rinse cycle. But with experimentation, I now know just where to reset the dial. Kathy C. in Greenwood, SC

Backyard Play Areas

Before building a backyard play area, ask around. Often, parents with older children will give one away if you remove. You could run an ad in the paper offering to buy one. Also, before you build, see what your children play with at the big public playgrounds and see if you can incorporate this in your structure. Julie  

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